Turner Group

"We are only as good as our last job"

Douglas Muirhead Managing Director, Turner Aviation

1912-2012, Proud Past Progressive Future

07 December 2012


2012 has been a landmark year for Turner & Co, as we have celebrated 100 years in business with a range of activities and fundraising events, in support of our Group nominated charity 'WellChild'.

Commemorations began back in January 2012, with the publication of a 'storyboard' for employees that catalogues the early history of the company, and a 'company timeline' that illustrates how far the business has grown; from a two man operation in 1912 to the diverse group of companies it is today employing around 2000 people worldwide.

Employees past and present contributed to the storyboard with photographs, memorabilia and anecdotes from their time with the Turner Group; this generated additional interest for the storyboard, as it 'toured' round the various site locations throughout the year.

In looking for a theme to mark the centenary celebrations, our employees opted to support the WellChild Charity; staff throughout the UK and overseas took part in various 'helping hands' activities mostly working directly with disadvantaged children.

In addition to providing direct practical support, employees also arranged a number of fundraising activities that resulted in nearly £17,000 being raised, for WellChild; the final cheque presentation will be made to WellChild towards the end of December, as we close out our centenary celebrations.

Planning for the centenary year gave us opportunity to reflect on the many changes the company has been through over its 100 years while at the same time keeping the focus on maintaining a robust business for the future. 

Continued investment in the company has resulted in the reintroduction of apprenticeship programmes across a number of group companies providing new talent for the future. Some Group companies have also relocated premises during 2012 and with planned refurbishment work for Craigton Road during 2013 the working environment for many of our employees has been and will be significantly improved.

As we prepare to close out on our Centenary Year, Gordon Turner (Chairman) said "It is a great pleasure to thank on behalf of the Board the efforts of all our staff, whose dedication and hard work has contributed so much to our success today after 100 years in business, and is the key to the secure and long term future that is so valuable to everyone across the Group."

Our longterm plans for Sustainability